Alexkor maintains sound and responsible Health, Safety and Environmental management ethics. We believe that order and discipline is better than chaos, conservation and creation is better than destruction, that knowledge and enlighten is preferable to ignorance and that action and commitment is more valuable than ideology.


Environmental Policy Statement


Our policy is to create an environmental management system that compliments the Regional and National government requirements, pertaining to all aspects of our mining efforts.


Furthermore Alexkor strives to;

• Encourage the wise utilization of our resources.

• Have committed and responsible waste management strategies and procedures in place, to deal with domestic, industrial and hazardous waste disposal.

• Encourage environmental awareness and training.

• Liases with all associated mining parties involved with Alexkor, to practice and maintain environmental consciousness by promoting the best practical mining methods to minimize degradation.

• Identifying obtainable and manageable environmental targets.

• Continually access and evaluate our terrestrial and marine mining methods, in order to make recommendations and adjustments, so as to minimize our impact on the environment.

• Minimize and contain pollution, or the threat thereof.

• Interacting with communities and associated parties, pertaining to Alexkor’s environmental management program.

•  Doing environmental compliance audits on all aspects of our terrestrial and marine impact mining activities.


Reg. No. 1992/006368/30.   Incorporated by Act No 116 of 1992.

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