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Alexkor Limited’s core business is the mining of diamonds through marine mining and open cast mining methods. Alexkors most important assets are the people working for and associated with the Company. The occupational health and safety of our people and the sustainability of our environment are non negotiable principles on which the companies mining operations are based.


Health and Safety Statement


Every employee and person associated with the mine has the right to work in a safe environment, and an engrained responsibility to work safety. Every employee must work within the safety standards as defined by the company. All employees and people associated with the company shall work towards the elimination of health and safety hazards.


This shall be achieved by:

• Training and promotion of Health and Safety.

• Compliance to Health and Safety procedures and practices.

• Maintenance of communication on all safety aspects.

• An effective health and safety representative system.

• Hazard and injury prevention through risk assessment.

• Promotion of a culture of safety




A Corporate HIV/AIDS policy is not a moral or social issue for Alexkor, but is a strategic issue. The Corporate Aids Team, consisting of CEO, one board member, senior management, community leaders and unions, meets regularly and members direct and ratify policy, strategy and projects. Alexkor takes HIV/AIDS very seriously and through this programme we hope to encourage people to know their status and to create an environment that will lead to the reduction of new infections.


Alexkor has consulted widely with the local community before initiating the HIV/AIDS programme, and also has the full support of the unions and associations representing the workforce. Discussions were initiated around HIV/AIDS with school teachers, church leaders and other community leaders.


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